Coaching-my understanding

You know that you want to change something, but not exactly what?

Allow yourself to tackle the important things for you!

According to my understanding, coaching is a tailor-made, individual and solution-focused process which meets your individual interests and concerns. Coaching in this form is an interactive, client-centered approach, which empowers clients to help themselves in personality development, decision making, behavioral change and the development of human potential - both in the private sphere as well as in the professional world. Coaching differs from consulting in that coaching aims to support you in developing your own solutions rather than accepting generic ones.

In addition to the client-centered approach, I work with different methods such as systems thinking, psychodrama and hypnotherapy. In contrast to psychotherapy, coaching used in this way  is for people whose abilities for self-management are intact. In our work, I guarantee reliability, discretion and confidentiality.

Ideally what you will bring is the belief in the possibility of personal change, openness and the willingness to freely engage in the process and interact self-determinedly at all times.

 "Change is an active process: it does not happen if we do not actively change.
No one else can change us or change for us.

Irvin Yalom

The coaching-process

"Now it's your turn. You can resume responsibility for your life, can decide how you want to live, you can fight back against those who want to take decisions for you. You decide. It's your life."

Ulrich Schaffer

A typical coaching process has several phases, which you can see from the picture below:

After a preliminary meeting which is free, where we get to know one another and assess whether coaching is the suitable format for your request, we conclude an agreement which specifies the key areas of our cooperation. Following on from this, we will start the process with you describing your situation and specifying your objective(s). Then we get to work by using different methods, where appropriate, ideally leading to a realistic and practical solution. At the end of the process we then assess the extent to which you have achieved your goals, followed by the formal completion of the process. The sequence of the individual coaching process always depends on the concerns to be dealt with and the complexity thereof.


Application of coaching

The following are just some of the 1001 areas we can look at:

      • Acknowledge one’s desires, values ​​& needs, & implement them in your day to day life.
      • Processing difficulties in your life, be it in your family, job, school etc.
      • Assistance & clarification in difficult decision-making processes & conflict situations.
      • Issues relating to work - life balance.
      • Identification & exploration of different roles & resulting conflicts.
      • Strengthening of self-esteem &  increasing self-efficacy.
      • Preventing burnout.
      • Candid & constructive feedback on performance, communication, etc.
      • and many more ...

If you want to find out if coaching is suitable for your concern
I am looking forward to hearing from you!

  "We get so much in the habit of wearing disguises before others that we finally appear disguised before ourselves."

La Rochefoucauld

Coaching in nature

 "Nature does not need us, we need nature."

Gerd Binnig

Coaching and trekking in Portugal and Spain – for both individuals and small groups of 4 to 6 people – where we undertake a 14 day trek through the enchanting countryside of the old Camino Portugues, starting from Porto and leading to Santiago de Compostela.

There are a whole host of benefits to spending time in nature. It is here that our connection to the earth is felt most strongly.  The purity of the air, the peace and tranquility, birds singing and the sound of the wind is deeply intense and regenerating. Since time immemorial have people looking for change retreated into nature so as to find peace and seek answers to their questions. Away from our busy lives, we are able to find our natural pace


once more when on the road. There is no better way to come to terms with oneself. Life is simpler. Basic needs are met and you appreciate everything you have and are. You acquire insights on a daily basis and are able to share these with like-minded people.

The walk is like a metaphor for life itself and many aspects of the physical experience can be transferred to everyday life, especially when dealing with unforeseen hurdles in our working lives. We gain valuable insights step by step.

Let us find out together which impressions, acquaintances and messages await us on this incredibly unique way?

"The road to identity always requires self-awareness. [...]
And that's always a path, not a goal."

Wolf Büntig