Become who you are

You stand in the middle of live and
want to take care of yourself eventually?



My current perspective is that life is highly individual, starting with birth and ending with the return to origin. This unpredictable journey holds countless challenges ready to test us, endlessly leading to crossroads that require many decisions - especially in our Western world, where we tend to believe in our freedom to develop our personality and self-actualization. So we find ourselves constantly questioning what life expects of us, rather than what can I expect from life. We consider our options, which of them are important and helpful in our current state. In the context of ‘become who you are’ we are constantly dealing with the same consideration, albeit with a different focus: is this a goal or this is MY goal? Is this a good decision or this is MY good decision?

Is that a way or is it MY way? IS THIS A LIFE OR IS THIS MY LIFE? In answering these, and many other important questions, I offer assistance and support on your way. I myself underwent change, which was anything but straightforward, and leaves me wondering about the unforeseeable turns of life. It also makes me look forward to the future, whilst simultaneously appreciating the ’here and now’. One of my main aims is to make you see that you actually have the potential to create, change and influence your inner and outer life. Even if your conscious mind might still pose doubts, your sub - conscious already knows how important it is for you to focus on yourself and live a self - conscious life.

The question simply is when do you start the change?

"We must be the change we seek in the world."


My philosophy

"Our experience indicates that people, if a suitable psychological climate is present, are trustworthy, creative, self-motivated, energetic and constructive - in short, that they are capable of releasing potential, of which they never dreamed.

Carl Rogers

I believe that the human being is a creature capable of life-long learning and basically able to reflect and employ ethical reasoning. It carries within it the potential to become self-aware, which may lead to a self-determined, and therefore self-responsible, life. Every human being, just like any other being, is unique and is host to a soul. We share a set of universal needs, ranging up to self-realization and knowledge of an individual meaning of life. I believe that any person, depending on the context,  shows a fundamentally positive trend in personal development. Every individual carries with them a unique constellation of needs, talents and potential, the development of which is influenced by the sometimes opposing forces of individual and environment.


I believe that the evolution or development respectively of the unique gifts of every human being is one of the outstanding duties in life.  To accompany people on a part of their journey, and to support them in achieving greater clarity, is for me one of the most beautiful and meaningful tasks in my life. In such times of both freedom and uncertainty, characterized by increasing and unmanageable complexity, and growing alienation from our human needs as well as the loss of contact with the earth, I will support you with empathy, respect, humor and humaneness in addressing your concerns. The extent to which you permit yourself freedom of thoughts determines the possibilities of what may become materialized reality ...



My values & paradigms

"The creation of the wholeness of personality is a mission of the whole path of life. Individuation is the highest task that the individual can face up to."

C.G. Jung

The following values and paradigms determine my thinking and action 

Joy of Life - Love - Meaningfulness - Ease - Spirituality -
Composure - Humor - Trust - Authenticity - Appreciation - Integrity -
Personal Responsibility - Fairness & Justice - Partnership - Honesty -
Tolerance - Health - Personality Development - Integrative, Holistic Thinking -
Critical Thinking - Lifelong Learning - Professionalism -
Ethical Behavior towards Nature & Fellow Humans

Your benefit!

"Life is quiet and relaxed, if you do not constantly
reproach yourself with how it should be.

Jack Kornfield

Why would you want to work with me?

Do you remember what it is like when someone really listens to you, shows genuine interest in your cause, and simply accepts you the way you are?

Have you ever experienced the beneficial effects of constructive feedback about your impact on your environment?

Do you remember how good it feels to do something solely for yourself and put yourself at the center of your care?


You are the core of my attention and interest.

With me you are free to be yourself and may allow yourself to experience who you want to be. You can say what you think and what occupies you without having to censor or restrict yourself. Together we work on the topics which are of your personal interest and therefore important to you - no more and no less.

I know how challenging it is to initiate personal change but also how fulfilling and exhilarating it can be once you see and feel  the results. And from my own personal experience I can honestly state that even the most difficult life situations can be positively dealt with.

I am looking forward to meeting you! What about you?

"I think the goal in life is not to always be happy,
but laughing all our laughter and crying all our tears."
Marshall Rosenberg