"There is effort without success, but no success without effort."

La Rochefoucauld

My understanding of coaching

My understanding of business coaching is that it is a solution tailored process which targets your individual concerns by means of an interactive, client-centered approach  so as to raise your self - efficacy in your professional work as an entrepreneur and / or manager;  including systemic aspects such as relationships, dependencies, and prevailing environmental conditions. Coaching within this conceptual framework is consultative and different from other approaches in that I support you, the client / clients, in seeing your concerns from new perspectives so as to help you develop as an individual, as well as to generate 

viable solutions. The focus is on the client - centered approach, supplemented as required with a variety of methods, including systemic, psychodrama and hypno - systemic work. In contrast to psychotherapy, business coaching used in this way targets people whose ability for self - control and self - management are intact. During our time together I guarantee reliability, discretion and confidentiality. What I ask of you is to fully engage in the process, believe in the possibility of real change, openness and the willingness to work self-determinedly with me.

 "Great skills alone are not enough. They must also be made use of."

La Rochefoucauld

The coaching process

You have career options and want to assess each one thoroughly?

 Do you remember the feeling of disorientation and being left alone in a new position? This time it will be different...

A typical coaching process has several phases which are highlighted below:

After a free, preliminary meeting with all stakeholders (e.g. supervisor, personnel department), where we examine how we personally fit together and whether your concern is suitable for the coaching format, we conclude an agreement which specifies the key areas of our cooperation. Following this, you describe your needs  in as much detail as possible, so that we can formulate your objective(s) precisely. We then do the work, , using a variety of  suitable methods, at the end of which ideally your compiled solution(s) are found. Thereafter you will assess the extent to which you have achieved your goals, followed by the formal completion of the coaching. The sequence of the individual coaching process is always dependent on the concerns to be dealt with and of course its complexity.

Application of individual coaching

The following topics are directed towards managers, employees, and freelancers and constitute only a small selection of 1001 possible issues that can be dealt with in coaching:

Potential questions are e.g.:

  • Discovery or rediscovery of your own resources & utilization thereof;
  • Open & constructive feedback on performance & communication behavior;
  • Processing interpersonal conflict situations;
  • Evaluation of professional career development opportunities;
  • Preparation for negotiations;
  • Burnout prevention & issues relating to work - life balance;
  • Clarifying your profile & developing ideas of change; &
  • Preparing for presentations, assessment centers and job interviews.

"We must acknowledge that we need other people to discover and correct our faults (and that they in turn need us); especially people who have grown up with other ideas in a different environment. We must learn that self-criticism is the best criticism; but that criticism by others is a necessity. It is almost as good as self-criticism."

Karl Popper


You find it enriching to reflect on alternative approaches with external support in an exceedingly complex world?

Team coaching can considerably enhance both the climate and performance of a team. The following issues are commonly dealt with in team coaching:

  • Team communication & feedback;

  • Clarifying targets and goals & decision-making processes;

  • Quality assurance;


  • Resource identification & distribution;

  • Clarifying roles within a team & conflict resolution; and

  • Inter - cultural issues.


Coaching and trekking

Would you like to find out about your professional vocation?

Coaching and trekking in Portugal and Spain – for both individuals and small groups of 4 to 6 people – where we undertake a 14 day trek through the enchanting countryside of the old Camino Portugues, starting from Porto and leading to Santiago de Compostela.

There are a whole host of benefits to spending time in nature. It is here that our connection to the earth is felt most strongly.  The purity of the air, the peace and tranquility, birds singing and the sound of the wind is deeply intense and regenerating. Since time immemorial have people looking for change retreated into nature so as to find peace and seek answers to their questions.



Away from our busy lives, we are able to find our natural pace once more when on the road. There is no better way to come to terms with oneself. Life is simpler. Basic needs are met and you appreciate everything you have and are. You acquire insights on a daily basis and are able to share these with like-minded people. The walk is like a metaphor for life itself and many aspects of the physical experience can be transferred to everyday life, especially when dealing with unforeseen hurdles in our working lives. We gain valuable insights step by step.

Let's find out together which impressions, acquaintances and messages await us on this incredibly unique way?

"Some people take
what they did wrong for thirty years, for experience. "

Arabian proverb