During my time as a business lawyer, and then consultant, I provided advice to a number of successful medium-sized companies, which at one point or another, experienced conflict and difficulties at an individual, interpersonal or corporate level, often  triggered by new technologies, growth and competition, and so stalling the realisation of one’s vision. A vision which comprises inter alia innovative products, trustful cooperation and enthusiastic engagement in the course of the core business of any company. From my point of view, medium-sized companies are an important social and societal entity, which contribute to healthy economic development, and which considers and includes the consumer, 


environment, and of course the people working for the company.

At this point I can support you with the services I offer. Through coaching, mediation or moderation, I can support you in redirecting your focus towards a constructive attitude of cooperation and help you to reinstall the knowledge that each single individual contributes to the success of the company, and thereby to the survival of all other people in that company – a mutual cooperation whereby real success becomes realizable - not only in terms of financial numbers but also in terms of passionate joy for work, innovation and identification.

"An optimist risks the possibility of loss, a pessimist loses the chance of winning."

Hazrat Inayat Khan

My philosophy

"Progress is that the few convince the crowd. Somewhere someone gets new insights first before they can become the views of the majority."

F.A.v. Hayek


In my work, I focus on the individual. From a business perspective, it is essential that a person can work and act in accordance with his or hers skills, potential and interests so as to achieve success. Younger professionals are increasingly putting emphasis on a healthy work – life balance, corporate values, ​​and both professional and personal development. Demographic changes, globalization, and rapid technological development, requires frequent analysis in terms of where do we actually stand, where should we go,


and what are feasible alternatives.

Business and ethics to me are not insurmountable contradictions, but belong together, since ultimately it is about the survival of people, businesses and our world alike. Holistic thinking, responsible behavior and health - physical, mental, environmental and economic - are necessary for entrepreneurial survival. Let us apply this knowledge and insights together, with conviction and passion.

Your benefit!

Untapped potential is present in everyone. Do you want to retrieve this for both your employees and the company?

So why would you want to work with me?  

You are looking for someone who deals professionally with human concerns in a professional environment? You seek a person with who you can interact openly and talk trustfully about professional concerns, without being in a direct competitive situation? As an open-minded entrepreneur, it is important for you to develop your managers and / or employees, and you are therefore looking for a professional with an eye for the essential, life experience and the flexibility to develop individual solutions? You value and appreciate authenticity and candidness, even if it means a confrontation with another vision or perspective.

I support you with authenticity and openness, sometimes provocative, always focusing on your goals and targets. My aim is to satisfy your interests and to support the positive development of the persons involved. With my work I help you to gain clarity, orientation and to achieve a broader scope of action. To unearth the potential of the future now.You are curious and believe that almost anything is possible?

The foundation has been laid, let us get to work!


"The way you see peolpe is the way you treat them,
and the way you treat them is what they become."