The way I would like to learn more about you as my future business partner, so sure you are as well interested to get more information about me. 

Please find on the following pages what you were looking for, or ask me
what more you would like to know.

Why I do what I do

"You can not do the right thing in one field, as long as you are totally wrong in all other areas. Life is one indivisible whole ."



You ask for my motivation?

To get in touch with people, in both private and occupational contexts, so as to help them to find solutions to their concerns, and to assist them in finding answers to important questions, provides me with meaning and makes me happy. Satisfaction, health and meaningfulness at work are values ​​that are fundamental to many working professionals and are becoming increasingly important in the near future. It is part of my professional calling to engage in the process of fostering these values to a greater extent in everyday life, and contribute to businesses becoming more successful.

Let us work together for your sustainable success!

My qualifications

"One is also fully responsible for one´s own life, not just for the actions,
but also for the failure to act. "



  • Non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy      
    Hanover region
  • Certified Coach
    Leibniz University Hanover, Germany


  • Trained hypnotherapist
    German Institute for relaxation techniques and communication Braunschweig, Germany
  • Certified instructor for Autogenic training German Institute for relaxation techniques and communication Braunschweig, Germany 


  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) Human Resource Management & Consulting, University Pforzheim, Germany


  • Certified trainer for “Nonviolent Communication in Business Context"
    Business Mediation Center, Königswinter, Germany



  • Certified trainer, moderator facilitator
    Coatrain GmbH Hamburg, Germany
  • Certified mediator - The Art and Practice of Mediation
    National Conflict Resolution Center, San Diego, California, USA
  • Certified business mediator
    (IHK Frankfurt), Germany


  • Master of Laws (LL.M)
    University of Cape Town, South Africa


  • Second Legal State Examination,  Ass. Iur. 
    Lower Saxony, Germany


  • First Legal State Examination, Dipl. Jur. 
    Georg August University of Göttingen, Germany


My competencies

Besides my formal qualifications I bring in a number of competencies which we may use to render our cooperation successful:

  • Analytical thinking

  • Empathy and sensitivity

  • Flexibility

  • Ability to deal with complex issues

  • Excellent communication ability and reflectivity

  • Integrative, holistic thinking

  • Working and consulting experience in various industries


  • Psychological, legal and business experience

  • Several years international experience in different countries / cultures

  • Trained in various disciplines and postgraduate education

  • Life experience through successfully overcoming existential crises

  • Professional and authentic appearance

  • Working in English and German


Values & Paradigms in my work

Meaningfulness - Trust - Authenticity - Appreciation - Integrity -
Personal Responsibility - Fairness & Justice - Partnership - Honesty - Ease - Composure - Humor -
Tolerance - Health - Personal Development - Vitality - Love - Spirituality
- Integrative, holistic Thinking - Critical Thinking - Lifelong Learning - Professionalism -
Ehical Behavior towards Nature & Humanity


"We must be the change we seek in the world."


About me

I currently live in Burgwedel, in the Hanover region. I was born in Hamburg in 1975, and grew up in Celle. Following the school leaving exam, I studied legal sciences in Greifswald and Göttingen. After the successful completion of the first legal state examination I embarked on a self-assembled two year legal trainee program which comprised work experience in a law firm in Hamburg, a tax consulting and auditing firm in Kiel, with a bank in Celle, in the personnel department of a German airline in Hannover and with an American investment consultancy in Baltimore, USA. In the subsequent state run legal traineeship, I worked at the District Court and the public prosecution authority in Stade, gathered experience with the Chamber of Commerce in Lüneburg and worked for business law firms in Hamburg, Sydney and Shanghai. Immediately after the second legal state exam I started working as a lawyer in the field of business law in Germany and then accepted an offer of a law company in the United Arab Emirates, where I was then based in Dubai.

After a couple of years with the intention to initiate a career change I went to South Africa where I completed a master's degree in international labor and commercial law in Cape Town. Back in Germany I then obtained a Master of Business Administration with a focus on Human Resource Management and Consulting at Pforzheim University. This, along with many training courses in coaching, mediation and training, led me to a consulting firm in Heidelberg, where I gained experience in the field of organizational and personnel development, especially in the field of aptitude testing. Among the clients during my work as a lawyer and later on as a consultant, were a broad variety of German Mittelstand companies which belonged to the elite of world market leaders in various industries such as automotive, logistics, advertising agencies, solar manufacturers, engineering companies, and manufacturers of medical equipment.

Since 2013, I am self-employed, provide comprehensive and complementary services, and try to work and live in accordance with my convictions and the messages which I am trying to convey. I consider myself a generalist who thinks and acts across a number of academic and professional boundaries, and am always seeking new experiences and to develop further.

I am looking forward to meeting you!


"Choose the work which brings you joy."

Tao Te King

"The bear is stronger than man, the elephant is bigger, the lion more courageous; livestock can eat more, and birds are more potent.
But man was made for learning."

Al Ghazzali