You need to negotiate and want to consider more than just legal problems?

Business negotiation

From my work as a former lawyer and now active mediator, I know about the importance of comprehensively preparing for negotiations, particularly when it comes to developing alternative solutions and anticipating possible developments. My approach is based on the Harvard negotiation project, which particularly stresses and favors open exchange about the underlying, i.e. real interests of the involved parties, instead of focusing on the positions or demands respectively. Thereby extraordinary and advantageous negotiation results can be obtained for all parties. My experience is that even in cases which seem hopeless from a legal point of view one can achieve remarkable results by negotiations based on trust, openness and mutual interest.


To optimise your negotiation results I offer support especially in but not limited to the following areas:


        • Development / identification of negotiation objectives.

        • Development / identification of negotiation alternatives and solutions.

        • Identification and evaluation of risks and the interests of the negotiating partner.

        • Assistance in negotiation situations.

        • Support for or assumption of correspondence in relation to the negotiation partner.

"Success or failure of a practice are always defined
by the expectations of the observer."

Maturana, Varela