"The foundation of human society [...] is the desire of every person to be confirmed by others as to what he is, or even what he can become; and the innate ability of man, to confirm his fellows in this way. "

Martin Buber

Communication & negotiation skills training

For me  communication is the essential bond between humans providing the chance for personal growth.  However,  very often we  neglect it and instead  focus on a million other less important aspects. What a waste...

Communication and negotiation skills ever since guaranteed a viable and beneficial cooperation for all parties involved, be it in business, public administration or academies. Make use of the many opportunities which arise due to professionally applied comunication and negotioation skills...

Working with students is exciting and enriching work for me. At the moment I am a lecturer in the field of communication and coaching at Pforzheim University and the University of Education, Ludwigsburg. In subjects such as business sciences and legal studies, many aspects of interpersonal interaction, communication and conflict resolution  play a significant role.  

As we know from practice, especially in the aforementioned areas, the ’soft skills’ become more important than ever. As a university, you can gain a competitive advantage by incorporating important interpersonal aspects in the form of experience-oriented modules within the courses of many different fields of study. I would be glad to help you in developing another USP  and becoming even more attractive by these additional offers to both students as well as corporations.

Whether you are part of a public authority or are a successful entrepreneur, the importance of improving communication skills, leadership abilities, and perception can be critical.  Many conflicts can be avoided or solved by more conscious communication, trained perception and raised awareness; which in turn saves money, time and nerves. I am happy to support you in this through customized communication training, negotiation training and coaching.

I am happy to provide trainings and coachings in the areas mentioned above if you are working for a:

- College or university
- Public or official authority
- Profit or non-profit Company



"We do not need motivation, we need inspiration. If we get inspiration,
motivation will follow."

Kelly Bryson



If you want to arrange a meeting, workshop or group work, and wish to focus on the content and not be in charge of the process, I am happy to support you in that, and can provide a structure tailored to your needs.

To achieve even better results!